Why Hire a Pro?

Why hire RJL Resume Writers to write your resume?

Expedite your job search with a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that clearly communicates your value and unique qualifications.

Revitalize your current lackluster resume and jump start your stagnant job search with powerful marketing documents that are compelling to the hiring agent, memorable, and relevant.

Advance your career to the next level and position yourself to command a higher salary.

Increase your income by empowering you with marketing tools and instill the personal confidence you need to find a better job or convince your current employer to promote you to a better position.

Gain career satisfaction and personal fulfillment in a career that you really want.


Less than 20 Seconds.
Your resume has less than 20 seconds to make a great impression. It will have to be error proof, clean, and well-designed just to get past the first five seconds.

The High Cost of Unemployment and Underemployment.
Expediting a successful job search is the only way to overcome the financial drain of unemployment or underemployment. Hiring a certified professional resume writer is the best way to land the interview and secure your dream job.

Increase Your Chances to be Interviewed by more than 40%.
A great resume written by a certified professional resume writer increases your chance of winning the interview by 40% or more. Your chances of being hired are an additional 38% more by using a certified professional resume writer.