Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

RJL Resume Writers and Career Consultants create career portfolio documents that will market your skills and abilities and is based upon information that we receive from the client. We are your partners in career search success, and we take our role seriously and therefore only produce the highest quality marketing tools and documents.

Our clients receive materials and services that we know will deliver success. If your new resume doesn’t result in an interview opportunity in 60 days then we will revise the resume for you without costs. You must notify us with a copy of the resume along with a cover letter written by us or approved for use with your resume by RJL Resume Writers. Do not change any of the resume content. Any contact from a potential recruiter, an employer, or HR agency is regarded as interest and an invitation for an interview. The contact can be either by telephone, e-mail, or other correspondence.

Your résumé may be fictionalized in order to be published in articles, columns, books, and industry-related publications at our discretion, and with the guarantee that all information will be fictionalized to protect confidentiality.

Once you have paid for your services and received our resume worksheets, there will be no refunds. The time spent reviewing original documents, and preparing for client interviews, communicating with you, and preparing resumes and other documents is part of the fee.